Adult Sunday School Classes Fall 2016

Classes meet every Sunday from 9:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Once again First Presbyterian Church Franklin is offering several diverse and interesting options to choose from for 2016. God calls us to be in community with one another so we might be equipped to be an influence to others. By interacting with others in our church family we challenge each other, learn from one another and become stronger in our faith as followers of Christ. We hope you will take time to visit several classes and find where you connect best.

Adult Forum Class - Room 208

This fall the Adult Forum will continue its study of the history of the Presbyterian Church using James Smylie's A Brief History of the Presbyterians as our text. We will review the growth of the church from the origins of Christianity through the Reformation as well as the unique Presbyterian denominations that grew and developed across Europe, the British Isles and the United States. Presbyterian influence and interaction with historical developments and cultural trends will be examined as well.

Contact: Bill Carver (

Bethel Bible Series - Room 206

This two-year Bible study is a simple overview of the Scriptures that invites participants into a deeper relationship with God. It is organized around major themes and uses color illustrations for memory retention. God’s story is indeed good news of great joy to all people! A new class is beginning this September. We invite anyone who's interested to take this journey with us.

Contact: Susan Bowling (

The Bible Class - Room 207

Our class will finish the 36 week program on ancient history in the Holy Land as revealed by the archeological journey presented by Professor Jodi Magness. We will then begin a 24 week effort to discover early Judaism’s influence on Jesus. These type lectures continue to be the main emphasis for our class and reflect a time span of 960 B.C. through 135 A.D.

Contacts: Hugh DuPree ( and Duke Ellis (

Christian Faith & Life Class - Room 201 (Adult Library)

Our class continues with Bible study and ways in which we can apply God's message to our life. Currently, we are in the midst of the second chronological Gospel According to Matthew. Our primary resource, of course, is the Bible; our secondary source is Barclay's commentary from the church library (copies provided in class). All our welcome to join our discussions at any time!

Contact: Missy Kitchings (

Exploration Class - Room 211 (Barr Conference Room)

Our class will be studying from “A Letter to My Anxious Christian Friends: From Fear to Faith in Unsettled Times” by David Gushee. We combine spirited discussion with in depth conversation regarding the impact each book has on us, our family and our community. Please join us.

Contact: Doug Halleen (

Feasting on the Word - Parlor

Each week we will offer an in-depth study of the weekly Bible verse from the lectionary Feasting on the Word curriculum, produced by the PCUSA. The scripture studied each week is also read during worship and is the focus of Pastor Chris's sermon. Our class offers background information about the Bible verse and is discussion-based as we explore together the meaning of God's word in our daily living.

Contacts: Jim Skillen (; Adam Crunk (; 

and Clarke Oldham (

Living Faith Class - Room 213

We will be studying selected video material from podcasts entitled Your Move by Andy Stanley. These selections are approximately 20-25 minutes in length and help us to live more fully as Christians in today's world. Please join us for lively discussion as we learn from the material and the interaction with each other.

Contact: Steve Lewis (

Real Kids Real Faith - Room 215

No matter if you are new to parenting or have teenagers, this class is designed to help parents integrate their faith into their everyday life. Come join lively parenting discussions and know you are not alone. We will use the books: Real Kids Real Faith Karen-Marie Yust and Sticky Faith by Dr. Kara Powell and Dr. Chap Clark.

Contacts: Eva and Troy Dover ( and

Kim Joiner (

Young Adult Class - Room 214

We are using a web site entitled The Wired Word. We will relate current events to relevant Scripture passages with group dialogue on how it applies to everyday life. Our goal is to engage thought provoking and stimulating discussions on the messages contained in the Biblical texts covered each week. 

Contacts: Will Crunk ( and

Vance Lahey (