Here are some of the many opportunities for fellowship at First Presbyterian Church:


    Wednesday nights during the school year, everyone is invited to join us for dinner at 6:00 p.m. in Wilson Hall followed by Music and Arts groups for children and preteens, youth small groups and an adult study.


    An outgrowth of the Senior Adult Ministry, this group is known for their fellowship. Join them for Third Thursday Dinner Out at various restaurants or other special events they attend throughout the year. Contact Betty Frazier at ebfpanda@att.net or Carol Busby at cbusby@comcast.net for more information.


    Most Sunday nights during the school year, youth fill Wilson Hall for dinner followed by fellowship and study. Path 34 and Trek 56 also join the youth for dinner and their own programs once or twice a month. For youth questions, contact Janelle Brinker at jbrinker@fpcfranklin.org and for children or preteen questions, contact Kim Joiner at kjoiner@fpcfranklin.org.


    Each September, the entire congregation is invited to our Church Picnic at the Boyce Pavilion. It is a wonderful intergenerational event with great food and fellowship.

  • retreats

    Having a chance to get away from our busy lives and connect with other church members is a gift. We have a Family Retreat in the spring, a Women's Retreat in November and Youth Retreat in the fall and winter.


    The Sunday before Halloween, children and grandchildren of our congregation arrive in their costumes ready for fun games and Trunk-or-Treat.


    Every April, adults of all ages come together for appetizers a one house and then break off into small groups and head to other hosts for dinner and dessert. It is a great event that allows you to meet new people within the congregation.