Worship and Music

Music in WorshipOn this coming Lord’s Day we will hear the of the healing of a paralytic. In the book of Mark, we read of Jesus words to a paralyzed man as he says, “I say to you, stand up, take up your mat and go to your home.” Stirring and triumphal words for sure for one who, only moments earlier, had been lowered by faithful friends through the roof! The nature of Sunday’s postlude is similarly triumphant in nature and is found in an extraction from Handel’s oratorio Joshua.

Written in 1747, Joshua is Handel’s fourth oratorio (an extended musical work often scored for accompanied chorus and soloists) and is based upon the Biblical account of Joshua, the leader of the children of Israel. The story follows the Israelites from the passage over the Jordan River into the land of Cannan.

Sunday’s work, a transcription for organ, is entitled Grand Choeur (Grand Choir) and is a Rounded Binary Form of two parts (meaning that a small portion of the first section returns following completion of the second). Noble, triumphant, and yet a bit introspective, you are invited to listen and consider the exuberant joy of one who found healing through the Christ.

Carillon Handbell; Chancel/Chapel Choirs – Both groups are on a well-deserved summer break and will resume in August. If you have an interest in joining us in the fall, please contact any member of the group or the Director of Music.

Children’s Sunday School Music – The Sunday morning is on summer break and will resume in September

Upcoming Musical Calendar

Summer Hymn-Sing – Each Sunday morning in the months of June and July at approximately ten minutes prior to the service of worship. Plan to join us now as we sing some of your hymn favorites.

Worship Matters--The Hymn – Join us in the Sanctuary during the Sunday School hour on August 5 to learn a bit more about the substance and importance of our great tradition of hymnody.