Worship and Music

Music in Worship 

On this coming Lord’s Day we are glad to welcome both new and returning friends to the Chancel/Chapel Choir: Pam Asa, Laura Beth Russell,

and Lexi Russell.  We have plenty of room for you to join us and hope that you will consider joining your musical “tithe” with ours!   

Service Music

A Doxology is simply a verse ascribing praise to the Trinity, in our weekly liturgy it usually follows the anthem and is sung as we offer both ourselves, and our gifts, to further the work of kingdom.  This coming Lord’s day verse is set to the familiar tune most associated with the hymn Come, Thou Almighty King, one which we will continue to enjoy through the end of September.

Carillon Handbell and Chancel/Chapel Choirs

Both groups have resumed their usual weekly rehearsal schedule.  The Carillon Handbell rehearsal will begin on Wednesday evenings at 5:15 p.m. and, in deference to Evenings with AJ, the Chancel/Chapel Choir will begin at 7:45 p.m. and continue through August 29.  If you have an interest in joining us in the fall, please contact any member of the group or the Director of Music, Michael Snoddy.

Children’s Sunday School Music

The Sunday morning gathering is on summer break and will resume on September 16.

Children’s Coloring Sheets

We have a few worship-related coloring sheets available at the Music & Arts Bulletin Board in Wilson Hall.  If of interest and needed…we will gladly produce more.  Feel free to help yourself!


Upcoming Music/Arts Calendar

          SUN, August 26 - Choir Picnic

          WED, September 5 and 12 - " Open" Chancel/Chapel Choir Rehearsal

          SUN, September 9 - Rally Day Music Recruitment Event

          SUN, September 16 - Music Commissioning (8:30/11:00 a.m.)

          SUN, September 23 - Fall Acolyte Training (4:30 p.m.)