Domestic Trip:

Back to Virginia!  The week of 4/15-21, will find up to 15 volunteers joining forces to work in Jonesville, VA with the Appalachian Service Project Their mission is to make local homes "warmer, safer and drier" for children such as Aiden and Jaden who we met in 2016.

Join the Team, we have two options:  Option 1 - Arrival Sunday April 5 days and depart on April 21st.  Option 2 - Arrival Wednesday April 2 days and depart on April 21st.  The decision of going and the confirmation of 5 work days or 2 work days should be made before or by February 1.

Photos below:

April 2017 ASP Team                                                                                                                        Aiden and Jaden from April 2016 trip

Upcoming Global Trips

FPC will return for the third year to Lesvos.  The team for our third year there is now complete and they are preparing themselves to bring support to EuroRelief, the only remaining NGO still active at Camp Moria in Lesvos Greece.  "Moria, which was built to accommodate 2,000 people, now hosts upwards of 6,000 asylum seekers, according to the United Nations Refugee agency (UNHCR).  "Right now, it is dangerous for children, families, and vulnerable people to stay in Moria," says UNHCR spokesperson Boris Cheshirkov.  "Conditions could still deteriorate if overcrowding persists and as colder weather sets in.  Home to 90,000 Greeks, Lesvos hosts an estimated 8,500 refugees and migrants, according to Mayor Spyros Galinos, who says "urgent action is needed" to relieve widespread suffering."

**To support FPC's ongoing mission effort in Lesvos to bring relief to overworked volunteers in their care of the asylum seekers they work with, you can use this link and indicate "Lesvos":

"As we consider how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our lives there are many ways to serve.  The migration crisis that the world is seeing is second only to the one after World War II.  None of the people who are refugees seeking asylum chose to be in this situation.  They are fleeing war or the tyranny of factions seeking to control their family and conscript their children to fight.  Thousands are stuck in Greece with no recourse except to wait...and wait...and wait until the people in power decide where they can be relocated.  During this "waiting time" they are bored, depressed, angry, and desperately in need of people who have not forgotten them.  We are those people.  We cannot change their circumstances, but we can provide a listening ear, a shoulder to cry or vent on, activities to engage their mind and help serve basic necessities like food and clothing.  Our mandate to love supersedes our propensity to fear.  We go because Jesus compels us."  Lisa Harris Servant Group International Director of Team Development.

The FPC Team:  Sally Bullock, Jenna Crunk, Chris Jones, Stephanie Lampley, Cathy McCall, Robin Pulliam, Heather Reimer, Brent Sower, Elizabeth Stivers and Servant Group International Trip Leader: Jill Kalinski.

Photos below:  Children of Camp Moria                                                               Photo from first FPC Trip/New Years Day 2016