Flower Ministry

If you love and appreciate flowers, there are a number of ways you can become involved at First Presbyterian.  

Flower Arranging

A group of gifted people rotate their talents on a weekly basis in arranging flowers that have been sponsored by families in the congregation. The family is called to determine preferences and then ordered from a local wholesaler. The flowers are then delivered Friday afternoon to the church, where they are typically arranged Saturday morning. If you are interested in serving in this way, contact Margaret Roberts at jimroberts45@comcast.net. 


Flower Breakdown

These beautiful arrangements grace our chancel on Sundays before being broken down each Monday morning to be distributed to members of the congregation to cheer them and let them know they are thought of, prayed for and loved during a time of challenge or celebration. If you are interested in serving in this way, contact Margaret Roberts at jimroberts45@comcast.net.

Flower Delivery

Once “rearranged”, a thoughtful note is attached and delivered by our crew of dedicated drivers. These arrangements help celebrate a new addition to the family or bring a measure of joy to an otherwise difficult situation, such as prolonged illness, hospitalization or the death of a loved one. If you are interested in delivering flowers once a month, contact Anne Keener at akeener@fpcfranklin.org

Meal Ministry

Whether it is celebrating the birth of a child or supporting a family after surgery, illness or loss of a loved one, members of First Presbyterian are always there to show God's love through providing a meal. Many times, one meal is all a family or individual needs before getting back to their regular routines; however, some require lengthier meal care.

If you feel called to serve in this ministry as a preparer or deliverer of food, or if you are in need of a meal, contact:

Barbara Winger

phone: 615-310-8785

email: winger32082@gmail.com

Sue Mahurin

phone: 615-516-7013

email: srmahurin@aol.com

prayer Shawl

If you like to knit, join us to create wonderful prayer shawls for people in need.  

hospitality Ministry

Join the us in welcoming guest to our worship services and congregational events. 

Visitation ministry

Join together to visit more homebound members of our congregation