Children's worship

Call to worship

   A. Call to worship:

        Leader: The Lord be with you

        Children: And also with you

   B. Songs of praise (Doxology first)

   C. “Be still and know that I am God.”

II. We Proclaim God’s Word

    A. Telling God’s Story (using materials)

    B. Time of wondering

    C. Bible reaI. We Approach Godding

         Leader: The word of the Lord

         Children: Thanks be to God

(Kindergarteners will be returned to sanctuary)

III. Our Response

     A. Art activity/retelling of story

        (The Art choices are ready and on a shelf: watercolor painting, playdough, colored pencils.

        Puzzles and books are also available. The story that was just told stays out as well. Other stories that are on the shelf are available for individual work as well.)

IV. We Go in God’s Name

     A. Prayer time: (ending with The Lord’s Prayer)

     B. Benediction: Go Now in Peace