letter from pastor chris

Dear FPC Community,

In the jubilant Psalm 126, the psalmist sings of Israel’s return after a period of exile. “The LORD has done great things for us, and we rejoiced.” Our congregation’s life together is essential, and it has not ceased during this pandemic. Indeed, we have been open and doing the work of ministry throughout, albeit in different forms. Even so, we all long to be physically back together, and we share the jubilation of the psalmist as we prepare to do so.

Attached you will find the document the Session of FPC has adopted to guide our community as we prayerfully make decisions about reopening.

You will note that we are currently in the “Safer at Home” phase, and we anticipate four additional phases on the way to full reopening. The ReOpen Task Force of the Session (Don Arnold, Chuck Cairatti, Claire Crunk, Katie Gottlieb, and Robin Pulliam, and Brent Sower) will work closely each week to determine which phase we are moving into and communicate that with the congregation. The Session and staff will also be working together along with all the Sessional committees to implement the reopening. Be on the lookout for ministry events and activities corresponding to the appropriate phase in coming days and weeks.

Psalm 126 ends with both an acknowledgement of real grief and the profound hope and joy that emerges from it:

“May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy.

Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing,

shall come home with shouts of joy, carrying their sheaves.”

With profound gratitude for the leadership of the Session, task force, and staff; with thanksgiving for all the ways this congregation as an Easter people has given witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, my prayer is, “May it be so.”


Pastor Chris