prayer list


Pat Johnson's sister and niece, Bernice and Chelly

John and Ruthie Moulton's great niece, Kaylie Niejadlik

Sara Hinds' friend, Danielle Robinson


Jeanne Pritchard, September 12, 2021

Lauren Inglis' grandmother, Elsie Mobley, September 4, 2021

Claire Crunk's grandmother, Greta Givens, August 29, 2021


Georgia Scout Wilson, great-granddaughter of Tom and Judith Wilson, born September 8, 2021

Immediate Family of Members:

Pam and Kevin Asa's daughter & family, Megan and Corey Springer

Linda Cairatti's father, Bill Jack

Claire Crunk's mother, Jennifer Jewell

Cathie Oldham Davidson's husband, Drew Davidson

Joe Duarte's sister, Michelle Bice

Caitlin Hawley's mother, Jeannie Downing

Mike Henry's sister, Brenda Powell

Art Herron's sister, Pat Herron

Leanne Hoeffler's mother, Kathleen Anderson

David and Pat Horvat's son, Rob Kinchler

Jerry and Dixie Houston's daughter, Heather Austin

Pat Johnson's sister and brother-in-law, Martha and Ken Kerr

John and Sarah Korab's son, Sam Korab

Erik Lund's sister & brother-in-law, Patty and Mark Rutledge

Cathy McCall's brother, Mike Casteel

Rhonda Moyers' mother, Hazel Willis

Barbara Roos' father, Eric Lache

Verna Rydlund's mother, Helga Mays

Leah Stein's father, Robert Rosswog

Margaret Whiteside's father, Will Wright

Mary Elizabeth Wilson-Patton's brother, John Wilson

Extended Family of Members:

Sarah Fox's aunt, Evelyn Weems and family

Christi Granstaff's aunt, Virginia Clark

Mike Henry's aunt, Dee Lathrop

Janice Jones' brother-in-law, Jay Parker

Starr Nolan's grandson and friend, William Nolan and Cassie

Barbara Roos' cousin, Karl Lache

Leah Stein's aunt, Alice Rosswog

Leah Stein's cousin, Kelly Maley

Leah Stein's cousin, Dormer Family

Leah Stein's cousin, Rosswog Family

Jan and Hal Swope's grandson, Kyle Perri

Friends of Members:

Rick and Cindy Blackburn's friends, the Pike family

Dan Bloing's friend, Bruce Sivinarich

Vivian and Chuck Coble's friend, Larry Grissom

Vivian and Chuck Coble's friend, Jimmy Cheek

Karen Coleman's friends, Lynne Ackerman and Dave Harris

Karen Coleman's friends, Skube Family

Cathie Davidson's friend, Nancy Bradley

Cathie Davidson's friend, Steve Gray

Nancy Egbert's friend, Dale Killough

Hendley Haws' friend, Kylie Branyan

Leanne Hoeffler's friend, Bob Derrington

Johnson/Brown family friends, Cherry family

Kim Joiner's friend, Jodi Rush

John and Missy Kitchings' friend, Sandra Clark

Jessica Lahey's friends, Annie Bortz family

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Margaraet Favorat

Ruthie and John Moulton's friends, Kaye Gibbs and family

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Bill Kee

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Teresa Tronerud

Jackye and Gerry Reams' friend, Greg Kaut

Karen Sartin's friend, Shepherd Stampley

Michael Snoddy's friend, Bruce Williams

Sam Webb's friend, Mike Kearbey

Benny Williams Family friend, Lindsey Mullaly

Judith Wilson's friend, Anne Tansil

Mary Elizabeth Wilson-Patton's friends, Terry and Lisa Hudgins

Mary Elizabeth Wilson-Patton's friend, Jim Baden

Zander family friends, Pearson Family

Zander family friend, Nat Hubert

Assisted Living/Homebound:

Jean Beavers-home

Tee Billingsley- home

Thelma Byrd- LifeCare in Columbia

Louise Colln- The Hearth

Dean Crosswhite- home

Dee Griner- Morning Point in Spring Hill

Kay Hartman- The Reserve in Spring Hill

Joan Hetherington- home

Carolyn Keller- The Heritage

Nancy Morris- Somerby

Arleen Munk- home

Drew Peacock- home

Jim Pennington- Steeplechase

Jeanne Pritchard- Brookdale

Jean Ramsay- Canterfield

Anne Rutherford- The Fountains

Don Savage- NHC Cool Springs

Jane Stafford- home

Lois Weldon- Brighton Gardens


Taylor Reynolds

Thomas Reynolds

Marilyn Miller's grandson, Will Herbert

Opal Plumley's grandson, Douglas Plumley

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