prayer list


Covenant School and Covenant Presbyterian Family

Mike Henry

Betty Willoughby

Barbara Anderson's brother-in-law, Jim Compton

Caitlin Hawley's mother, Jeannie Downing

Therese Howell's family member, Ann Bach

Vance Lahey's friend, Cathy Schlessman

Beth Rose's uncle, Scott



Ron Watson, March 27

Rita Ferari's daughter-in-law, Pat Ferari, March 25





Mike Anderson

Dee Bechtel

Barb Heerman

Sam Moore

Gerry Reams

Tibby Taylor


Immediate Family of Members:

Namaste Anderson's sister and brother-in-law, Shanti & Greg Padgett

Valerie Blackburn's mother, Lila Eby

Joe Duarte's sister, Michelle Bice

Barb Heerman's son, Scott Heerman

Jane Herron's brother, Jim Hickey and family

Art Herron's sister, Pat Herron

Makeeda Hicks, J.R.'s daughter

Jerry and Dixie Houston's daughter, Heather Austin

Tony Inglis's brother-in-law and family members, the Nix family

Pat Johnson's sister and niece, Bernice and Chelly

John and Sarah Korab's son, Sam Korab

Erik Lund's sister and family, Patty Rutledge

Arleen Munk's daughter-in-law, Jennifer Munk

Beth Rose's oldest child, Jasper Rose

Verna Rydlund's mother, Helga Mays

Margaret Whiteside's father, Will Wright


Extended Family of Members:

Dean Crosswhite's niece, Debbie Graf

Cathie Davidson's step-family, Carol and Jathon Holt

Cathie Davidson's extended family member, Linda Messtich

Angela Dyer and Jason Coleman's cousin, Nathan Walker's Family

Christi Granstaff's cousin, Clint Camp

Carolyn Hayes' great granddaughter, Caroline Lee

Leanne and Steve Hoeffler' nephew, Guthrie Hayward

John and Ruthie Moulton's great granddaughter, Amyah Bell

Barbara Roos' cousin, Karl Lache

Leah Stein's family member, Zachariah Yabs

Tim and Leah Stein's family, Janelle Vallano


Friends of Members:

Namaste Anderson's friend, Stacy McAloon

Adam & Will Crunk's friends, Lipsey Family

Cathie Davidson's friend, George Bradley

Cathie Davidson's friend, Tim Holder

Priscilla Duarte's friends, family of Courtney Cordes

Katie Gottlieb's friend, Jeremy Lee

Barbara Heerman's friend, Pat Feichter

Martha Johnson's friends, Janice and Steve Hulen

Kim Joiner's friend, Jodi Rush

Julie and Chris Jones' friends, Kevin Long and family

Sharon Kirby's friend, Russ Netzel

Bob and Gerri Kopjoe's friend, Donna Arden

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Jerry Dibblee

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Susan Featherstone

Ruthie and John Moulton's friends, Hernandez and Kee families

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Teresa Tronerud

John and Ruthie Moulton's friend, Ellen Gardener

Anne Osborne's friends, the Dillingham family

Jackye and Gerry Reams' friend, Greg Kaut

Jackye and Gerry Reams' friend, George Ridderbusch

Barbara Roos' friend, Paige Lauten

Leah Stein's friend, Amy Howcroft

Leah Stein's friend, Jared and Rosemarie B52Popovich

Leah Stein's friend, Melissa Lindvall

Judith Wilson's friend, Pam Spencer

Judith Wilson's friend, Anne Tansil


Assisted Living/Homebound:

Tee Billingsley- home

Dean Crosswhite- NHC Cool Springs

Joan Hetherington- home

Gea Jolley- The Reserve in Spring Hill

Nancy Morris- Somerby

Arleen Munk- home

Jim Pennington- NHC Cool Springs

Jean Ramsay- Canterfield

Anne Rutherford- The Fountains

Don Savage- NHC Cool Springs

Jane Stafford- home

Lois Stewart- Willow Springs in Spring Hill


Taylor Reynolds

Thomas Reynolds

Marilyn Miller's grandson, Will Herbert

Opal Plumley's grandson, Douglas Plumley

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