Adult Sunday School Classes

God calls us to be in community with one another so we might be equipped to be an influence to others. By interacting with others in our church family we challenge each other, learn from one another and become stronger in our faith as followers of Christ. We hope you will take time to visit several classes and find where you connect best.

Join us at 9:45 AM each week for Sunday School.

Class Zoom links can be accessed by clicking on the image next to each class description.

  • The Bible Class, Room 207

    A focus on ancient history in the Holy Land during a time span of 960 B.C. through 135 A.D.  This fall the group will be viewing videos based on Genesis, then moving into studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Holy Land.

    Contacts: Hugh DuPree ( and Duke Ellis (

  • Christian Faith & Life Class, Room 206 (HYBRID ON ZOOM)

    This year, the Christian Faith & Life Class will be meeting in Room 206 with hybrid "attend from home" technology.  We are going to use Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi by Amy-Jill Levine to study Jesus' parables in great detail with a completely new mindset.  Everyone is welcome, either in person or remote! Contact: Missy Kitchings (

  • Exploration Class, Room 211 (Barr Conference Room) (HYBRID ON ZOOM

    A spirited discussion class with in-depth conversation regarding the impact a faith-based book has on our lives, our family and our community. Class members rotate leadership and the book changes about twice every semester.

    Fall: A Pilgrimage to Eternity From Canterbury to Rome in Search of a Faith by Timothy Egan

    Contact: Doug Halleen (

  • Feasting on the Word, Room 214 (HYBRID ON ZOOM

    An in-depth study of the weekly lectionary scripture text using Feasting on the Word curriculum published by Westminster John Knox Press. Open dialogue is encouraged. The texts follow the Revised Common Lectionary that we also follow in worship each Sunday. This fall we will explore texts from Luke, 1 & 2 Timothy, and 2 Thessalonians.

    Contacts: Adam Crunk (; Clarke Oldham (

  • Living Faith Class, Room 208 (HYBRID ON ZOOM

    Our class uses a video format that allows for thoughtful consideration and discussion. We will use videos by Andy Stanley who is the founder of North Point Ministries. We are a welcoming and friendly class that searches for meaning in today's complex world.

    Contact: Steve Lewis (

  • Podcasts and Current Conversations, wilson hall

    A podcast-based discussion class to help bring faith into everyday life. Contact: Kim Joiner (

    Podcast links:

    September 19 - The Social Science of Faith

    September 26 - Another Name for Every Thing with Richard Rohr

    October 3 - Cultivating Sacred Moments with Kids

    October 10 - Navigating an Evolving Faith in Relationships

    October 17- What Does It Mean To Belong in America Today? 

    October 24 - The Folk Devil Made Me Do It