Adult Sunday School Classes


First Presbyterian Church Franklin is offering several diverse and interesting options to choose from. God calls us to be in community with one another so we might be equipped to be an influence to others. By interacting with others in our church family we challenge each other, learn from one another and become stronger in our faith as followers of Christ. We hope you will take time to visit several classes and find where you connect best.

Adult Forum

Adult Library

Dialogue and deep explorations of multiple topics, including the history and confessions of the Presbyterian Church, comparative religions, visions of spirituality, biblical studies, and contemporary issues for Christians. Topics are participant directed and class discussion and participation are encouraged. This is the class that is willing to push the envelope and think in creative, loving, and mindful ways. The fall study will use: Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers, Revised Edition, by Donald K. McKim.

Contact: Bill Carver (

The Wired Word

Room 214

The lessons will have a biblical foundation on and the topics discussed will be relevant to modern Christ an living through the discussion of current events. We use The Wired Word, an online curriculum and lessons will be sent the prior Friday. World events such as border issues, death of national figures, and even reports on “prosperity gospel”will dictate the topics discussed. Nothing is off limits. Our young adults are especially invited. 

Contacts: Will Crunk ( and Vance Lahey (

Exploration Class

Barr Conference Room 211

Please join us for our first class to introduce and provide an overview of the book Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living by Krista Tippett.

Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and National Humanities Medalist Krista Tippett has interviewed the most extraordinary voices examining the great questions of meaning for our time. The heart of her work on her national public radio program and podcast, On Being, has been to shine a light on people whose insights kindle in us a sense of wonder and courage. Scientists in a variety of fields; theologians from an array of faiths; poets, activists, and many others have all opened themselves up to Tippett's compassionate yet searching conversation.
In Becoming Wise, Tippett distills the insights she has gleaned from this luminous conversation in its many dimensions into a coherent narrative journey, over time and from mind to mind. The book is a master class in living, curated by Tippett and accompanied by a delightfully ecumenical dream team of teaching faculty. 
The open questions and challenges of our time are intimate and civilizational all at once, Tippett says – definitions of when life begins and when death happens, of the meaning of community and family and identity, of our relationships to technology and through technology. The wisdom we seek emerges through the raw materials of the everyday. And the enduring question of what it means to be human has now become inextricable from the question of who we are to each other. 
This book offers a grounded and fiercely hopeful vision of humanity for this century – of personal growth but also renewed public life and human spiritual evolution. It insists on the possibility of a common life for this century marked by resilience and redemption, with beauty as a core moral value and civility and love as muscular practice. Krista Tippett's great gift, in her work and in Becoming Wise, is to avoid reductive simplifications but still find the golden threads that weave people and ideas together into a shimmering braid.

Contact: Doug Halleen (

feasting on the word

room 206

An in-depth study of the weekly lectionary scripture text using Feasting on the Word curriculum published by West- minster John Knox Press. Open dialogue is encouraged. The texts follow the Revised Common Lectionary that we also follow in worship each Sunday. This fall we will explore texts from James, Mark, and Revelation.

Contacts: Adam Crunk (, Clarke Oldham (, and Jim Skillen (

Living Faith Class

Room 213

Our class uses a video format that allows for thoughtful consideration and discussion. We will use videos by Andy Stanley who is the founder of North Point Ministries. Our group will begin with Stanley's book Me and My Big Fat Mouth. We are a welcoming and friendly class that searches for meaning in today's complex world. 

Contact: Steve Lewis (

Parenting at All Stages and Ages

Music Room 208 - 9:55 AM.

A book study class designed to help parents integrate their faith into their everyday life with their families. Podcasts, TED talks, and the book The Stressed Years of Their Lives: Helping Your Kid Survive and Thrive During Their College Yearsby Janet Hibbs and Anthony Rostain will guide our fall and winter discussions. Contacts: Namaste Anderson (, Rhonda Moyers ( and Kim Joiner (

Christian Faith & Life Class


A Bible study class that will be focusing on the Gospels using the timeless commentary series written by William Barclay in 1958. The Daily Study Bible series offers wisdom and sparks discussion for each chapter. This is a small but intimate group focused on applying the lessons to daily life and supporting one another with prayer and fellowship. 

Contact: Missy Kitchings (