MISSION PARTNER: OneGenAway/Food distribution

AUGUST 11, 2018

DECEMBER 8, 2018


8:00 A.M.

Mobile Pantry Food Distribution

8am at Distribution Site (Locations change, but will be announced in bulletin/enews in the weeks prior to event.)

~2NDSAT (OneGenAway events always start at 8am, unlike all the other 2NDSAT Events) We work at an outside Mobile pantry, first in helping set up for the event by separating and bagging the various food donations from the pallets unloaded from the 18 wheelers.  Once this is done we then work either at one of the stations distributing the food or volunteers help recipients push grocery carts through the line and pick up each bagged variety of food while going down the line of tables. The volunteer "cart pushers" then assist the recipient to their car to unload the groceries. The recipients usually end up with about one to two weeks worth of groceries. Recipients must only need food to qualify.  We will also break down boxes for recycling.

OneGenAway is dedicated to eliminating racism, denominationalism, and poverty in America, believing that we are one generation away from this vision. OneGenAway raises money to purchase groceries in massive amounts at discounted rates. . When all the food is finished being bagged, volunteers are stationed at different tables. Some
Mission Partner:  OneGenAway (local site to be determined)
OneGenAway raises money to purchase groceries in massive amounts at discounted rates. At each food distribution 18 wheelers drop off the food on pallets and the volunteers separate the quantities of food into grocery bags. 

Other Needed Support for OneGenAway
1.On Sunday mornings; early risers can join rotation of people who pick up donations from Costco @ 6:30 take it to OneGenAway warehouse located in the Factory…done by 7:30! 
2. Fridays Mornings:  Ride with OneGenAway Driver to pick up donations from Aldi, Whole Foods & GFS.