prayer list


Bruce Jones

Gerri Kopjoe

Monique Jennings' brother, Michael Alvino

Mick Rhodes' parents, Chuck and Dolors Rhodes

Mickey Wilhoite's friend, Sharon Vaulman


Randy Frame

Arleen Munk

Tom Wilson

Immediate Family of Members:

Mike Anderson's mother, Joann Anderson

Jason Coleman's mother & aunt, Brenda Deaver & Martha Turner

Kate Devaney's brother, Stephen Devaney

Joe Duarte's sister, Michelle Bice

Janice Eddlemon's brother, Roger Minner

Tony Inglis' brother-in-law and family, the Nix family

Kim Joiner's mother and stepfather, Sue and Ed Garrett

Bob and Gerri Kopjoe's daughter, Karen Hoffman

Tammy Love's father, Bill Hixon

Terry Love's mother, Betty Cain

Rebecca Mitchell's father, Allen Reedy

Arleen Munk's daughter-in-law, Jennifer Munk

Beth Rose's father, Bob Bishop

Beth Rose's oldest child, Jasper Rose

Tim Stein's sister, Kristina Stein

Bruce Waterman's sister, Lila Serapilio

Extended Family of Members:

Sue Banner's niece, Holly Tucker

Betty and Wayne Barcheski's family member, Chris Muckerman

Gloria Blount's family, Logan Barrier and Jonna Barrier

Richard Dean's cousin, Peggy Nagle

Christi Granstaff's cousin, Clint Camp

Karen Hanson's grandson, Alex Hanson

Ruthie and John Moulton's great-granddaughter, Amyah Bell

Ruthie and John Moulton's great-granddaughter, Willow Anne Moulton

Anne Osborne's mother-in-law, Betty Osborne

Leah Stein's family member, Zachariah Yabs

Judith and Tom Wilson's family, Follette & Jimmy Chester

Friends of Members:

Hannah Anderson's friends, Gina Chamber & family

Namaste Anderson's friend, Stacy McAloon

Gloria Blount's friend, Keith Godwin

Karen Coleman's friends, Bickerton family

Karen Coleman's friends, Lennon West

Cathie Davidson's friend, Kayla Hale

Cathie Davidson's friend, George Bradley

Cathie Davidson's friend, Tim Holder

Cathie Davidson's friend, Marlene Stanley

Marti and Khris Downey's friend, Bryan Scott

Priscilla Duarte's friends, family of Courtney Cordes

Christine Grisham's friend, Jessica Gehring

Sandra Fields' friend, Wanda Gentry

Barb Heerman's friend, Verne Farrrell

Therese Howell's friends, Sam Paris and family

Monique Jennings' friends, Hyden Family

Martha Johnson's friend, Elin Gordon

Kim Joiner's friend, Jodi Rush

Julie and Chris Jones' friends, Kevin Long and family

Sharon Kirby's friend, Russ Netzel

Missy Kitchings' friends, Winer family

Terry and Tammy Love's friends, Joy, Katherine, & Emily Baker

Ruthie and John Moulton's friends, Greg Erwin family

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Tom Horesh

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Susan Featherstone

Ruthie and John Moulton's friends, Hernandez and Kee families

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Teresa Tronerud

Ruthie and John Moulton's friend, Sierra Ramsey

Kathy Nappier's friend, Josh Gregory

Leah Stein's friend, Kirk Emerson and family

Leah Stein's friends, Carli and Arthur Atlakson

Leah Stein's friend, Dawn Comfort

Leah Stein's friend, Meagan & Jason Stewart

Leah Stein's friend, Jared and Rosemarie Popovich

Elizabeth Stivers friend, Stephanie Lampley

Ginger Watson's friends, the Rogers family

Judith Wilson's friend, Pam Spencer

Judith Wilson's friend, Anne Tansil

Assisted Living/Homebound:

Derrell and Tee Billingsley- home

Joan Hetherington- home

Nancy Morris- Somerby

Arleen Munk- The Reserve in Spring Hill

Jean Ramsay- Canterfield

Gerry Reams- NHC Cool Springs

Anne Rutherford- The Fountains

Jane Stafford- Willow Springs Spring Hill

Betty Willoughby- home


Melinda Henderson

Taylor Reynolds

Thomas Reynolds

Marilyn Miller's grandson, Will Herbert

Opal Plumley's grandson, Douglas Plumley

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