pictorial directory

Photography Family Sessions

August Dates

 Friday, August 20: 2-8 PM 

Saturday, August 21: 10 AM-4 PM 

2021 church directory

It is time for a new pictorial directory! We have had over 60 people join since we last created a directory with more ready to join in the coming month. Our pictorial directory benefits all members, but it is especially important for our new members as they are meeting so many new people. It is also extremely helpful for each family to participate in the photography for this new directory for many reasons. 

  • Every family who gets their photo taken receives a free directory and a free 8x10 photo. 
  • You are not required to purchase anything.   

  • They will ask you to choose your directory photo first before asking to review your other photos.  

  • It is a gift of hospitality, especially to our new members, to have your photo in the directory so they can easily come home from church and be able to connect names and faces. 

scheduling your appointment

Universal Church Directories has COVID guidelines in place to keep everyone safe which you can view here

Photographers will be at church on the following dates and times for photography sessions:  

Friday, August 20: 2-8 PM

Saturday, August 21: 10 AM-4 PM

Follow these simple steps to schedule your appointment: 

  • Go to the Universal Church Directories website: https://ucdir.com/schedule/login.php

  • Enter your Church Code: tn159 

  • Enter your Church Password: photos 

  • Be patient if it takes a few seconds to pull up the appointment dates. 

  • Follow the prompts to schedule your family’s appointment time including an email so you can receive a confirmation email. 

  • If you have 6 or more in your family, please use 2 consecutive time slots.  

  • Print the next screen or save it as a pdf to use as a reminder. 

  • Contact Wayne Barcheski if you need to change your appointment. 

You will immediately receive a confirmation email from admin@ucdir.com that appears blank but has an attachment which includes all your appointment details. For those with an especially secure spam filter, you may find this “Confirmation of Appointment” email in your junk folder. If that happens, please mark the email as “not junk” 

so you can receive future appointment reminders.  

Appointments fill up quickly, so schedule today or as soon as possible to secure your preferred date and time. If you need assistance or have questions about the COVID guidelines, contact Wayne Barcheski at wayne@barcheski.com or 615-721-7171. 

Thanks in advance for participating. - The Congregational Care Committee