Michael P. Snoddy, MM is the Director of Music & Organist for First Presbyterian Church of Franklin, Tennessee, a position which follows those held in Texas, Arkansas, and Georgia.   He is a recipient of the Master of Music Degree in organ performance from the University of North Texas, where he was a student of Dr. Lenora McCroskey.  His teachers also include Dr. Charles S. Brown; Mr. Dale H. Peters; and Dr. Jesse E. Eschbach.  Recently, Michael earned and received the CCM (Certified Church Musician) certificate as sponsored by the Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PCUSA).

Michael has appeared at Hull City Hall, England, home to the fourth largest pipe organ in the United Kingdom, and performed on the Noonday Recital Series of First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.  Founded in 1967, this historic institution houses the world’s largest church organ dating from 1931 and containing over 346 ranks and 20,000 pipes.  He has presented numerous additional programs, including a presentation of the Handel Organ Concerto, Op. 4, No. 4 in F-Major and most recently, a Farwell Recital to honor the service of the church’s now-retired Delaware Organ.

Mr. Snoddy has had extensive pipe organ building experience, including that with the French-Canadian firm of Casavant Frères Limitèe, Quebec, builders of distinguished tracker and electro-pneumatic pipe organs since 1879 and Nichols & Simpson, Organbuilders, Little Rock, Arkansas.  He was featured during the Organ Workshop for Young People, Hull City Hall, England, and during the 2003 multi-state American Guild of Organists’ Pipe Organ Encounter held in Dallas, Texas.  While in Dallas and serving as the Director of Music & Organist for Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church, Mr. Snoddy recorded a CD, Immortal, Invisible, on the church’s newly built Garland Pipe Organ.  Portions of this recording were featured on a nationwide broadcast of American Public Media’s Pipedreams – a weekly program about the king of instruments which is hosted by Michael Barone. 

Additionally, Michael is also a winner in the twenty-sixth annual William C. (Bill) Hall pipe organ competition, a state-wide event sponsored by First Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, Texas. 

Immortal, Invisible – The Garland Pipe Organ, Bentwood Trail Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, Michael Snoddy, organist.  Works for organ by Bach, Burkhardt, Elgar, Elmore, Handel, Martin, Shearing, Vierne, Wesley, Widor, and Young. 

Available for $15 through the Music Office at 615.794.5114