September 11

9-11 AM

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

2NDSAT and Disaster Relief: We are in prayer for all those who have been affected by recent natural disasters, especially the people of Haiti and those impacted by flooding in Tennessee. FPC supports disaster relief efforts through giving each year to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, as well as through our 2NDSAT projects making hygiene kits for PDA. We hope you will join us for our September 2NDSAT to make these kits, especially in light of recent events. We pray for peace, hope, and recovery for all those impacted. 

Assembling Gifts of the Heart Hygiene Kits

Wilson Hall 9 AM

We begin the day by unpacking and laying out the assembly line of items for the kits. Once this is done, we assemble the kits and pack them into boxes for shipping.  

What are “Gifts of the Heart” Kits for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance?  Three different kits that are sent out into the world when disaster strikes. In April we assembled around 300 “Gifts of the Heart” Hygiene Kits with items pre purchased in bulk; a towel, washcloth, comb, nail clippers, soap, toothbrush and bandages..  PDA sends these kits out into the world when disaster strikes, so it is important for them to have stores of them on hand, helping to bring Hope out of chaos.